Terms of use and Privacy policy


1. Service description, terms and conditions




1.1 HealthWatch is a research-based tool that aims to promote health and wellbeing as well as prevent stress-related ill-health on an individual, group and organizational level.


1.2 HealthWatch offers tools to continuously measure and monitor perceived health and work environment. As a user, you also get access to, for example, self-help exercises and a diary to facilitate stress management, promote health and increase wellbeing.


1.3 Measurements and feedback create good opportunities for working optimally with competence and health development. You get feedback via graphs and access to exercises that have been specifically developed to facilitate recovery, concentration ability, performance and general wellbeing.


1.4 You can use all information that you register on HealthWatch freely as you wish. There are functions that let you print your registered responses, and you can bring these along to a health check-up, doctor’s appointment, etc. It is also possible to log in to the website during your appointment to show the results live.


1.5 Your account is personal. You alone are responsible for keeping your login credentials safe so that no one else can use these to log in to your account and access your information this way, for example by keeping this information secret for others. We recommend that you choose as long of a password as possible. If you log in using some form of electronic ID, make sure to handle it in a safe and responsible way.


1.6 HealthWatch is free of charge for private persons.


HealthWatch in research


1.7 In some cases, data from HealthWatch may be used for research purposes. This only happens after evaluation and approval from the Swedish Ethical Review Board (https://etikprovningsmyndigheten.se/). Normally, expressed consent is thereby required from the concerned users, that their data may be used in a de-identified way and be analyzed for specific questions. Unless the Swedish Ethical Review Board as an exception decides otherwise, the user will be thoroughly informed about the research project, which questions that are to be analyzed, and asked about their willingness to participate. If the user then expressly consents to participate in that specific research project, data can be entered into an anonymized dataset and be analyzed in a de-identified form.


2. User tied to an organization


2.1 HealthWatch can be used by organizations as a central part of the continuous, systematic psychosocial work environment efforts and health promoting organizational development. These services are normally not free of charge and are utilized by companies and organizations (normally employers) that have invited individuals (normally employees) to utilize HealthWatch.


2.1.1 When you use HealthWatch as an employee in an organization that subscribes to the service your employer will get feedback from aggregated results on a group level (de-identified data). Access is granted through a separate website with administrative tools to for instance add and remove users or departments/units/sections, monitor results and get access to educations for managers.


2.1.2 The employer’s or organization’s work with the group’s de-identified contributions to the system fills a central role in the systematic improvement of the work environment and can be the foundation for undertaking health-promoting and organizational development actions. Historical group results are necessary for reliability and the possibility to follow trends. The data that you contribute with and have contributed with, are important for managers/HR or equivalent to be able to work in a proactive and health promoting manner. They constitute a central basis for enabling fact-based dialogues and reasoning about potential actions.


2.1.3 To protect your integrity as a user tied to an organization, results on a group level are not presented for groups with fewer than 7 respondents. The same is true if less than 50 % have responded, as there is a risk that results might not be representative for the group. We value and work to protect your personal integrity. It should not be possible to, via the system, derive any information about you as an individual.


2.2 When you use HealthWatch as an employee in an organization that subscribes to the service, you are invited to create an account on HealthWatch via a registration link. If you created your account in this way, it is connected to the organization until either you or the organization terminate this connection. If the connection is terminated, your personal data are erased and you no longer have access to HealthWatch, unless you enter into, or already have entered a private agreement with HealthWatch. With your own agreement, you keep all your own entered data and can continue to use HealthWatch free of charge as a private person, if you so choose, even if your organization terminates their subscription or you terminate your employment.


Security and forced termination


2.4 If you would become aware of a security flaw, informational leak or other vulnerability in the system you cannot use this knowledge or share it to anyone but us. We instead ask you to inform us as soon as possible (see contact information on the website).


2.5 We reserve the right to terminate your account and without further notice delete the information that you have entered if we deem that you have breached our Terms of use, or harmed HealthWatch or any of its users.


3. Information that is registered and handling thereof


3.1 Information that you register in HealthWatch is stored in a database. Information on an individual level is not made available to external parties, and is only available to you.


3.2 In addition to the information that you register, we also store and handle the date and time when you use HealthWatch, your IP-address (your computer’s temporary identity), what browser model/version you use and/or what kind of tablet/phone that you used. This information is utilized to adapt and improve the service, as well as to prevent, prove and/or prosecute intrusion and misuse.


3.3 Information about you may also be stored in our support systems if you have requested help from us in some way. This information is purged as soon as it is no longer needed.


For users tied to an organization


3.4 If your account is tied to an organization, information will, where applicable (see 2.1.3), be fed back in a de-identified and aggregated form on a group level as long as you are connected there. This concerns information that you have registered under the tabs Forms, Surveys and Profile (e.g., sex). During, for example, pedometer competitions, information about the number of steps you have taken may be extracted from entry in the Diary tab.


3.5 The system calculates and returns averages and distribution measures (for example, mean and standard deviation or median and quartiles) using the information that users in a group/organization have entered.


3.6 All data is stored for a period of time that is requisite for the purpose. Limitation of the storage time would limit the expediency of the tools, that is to enable individuals, groups and organizations to continuously and systematically monitor and promote health, ensure a good and enriching work environment as well as to counteract stress-related ill health. The employer’s access to the tools enables them to continuously and systematically act to ensure a good work environment.


3.7 All information and documentation that we have obtained will be, with exceptions listed below, retained for the purpose of developing the service. This information is vital so that we, emanating from research-based knowledge, will be able to provide you with higher precision guidance, find individuals at risk of ill-health and offer tailored advice and action plans. This applies to an individual as well as a group and organizational level.


3.8 If your account ceases to be linked to an organization, the information you have supplied to the organization will continue to be supplied to them on the same premises (de-identified data). This applies as long as the organization subscribes to HealthWatch. Thereafter, this will cease.


3.9 All HealthWatch staff are bound to confidentiality by an internal confidentiality agreement. We are responsible for that the information that you enter into HealthWatch is internally handled in an appropriate manner.


4. Transcript, correction of information and data portability


4.1 You can, at any point, take part of the stored information about you by logging in to your account and check under Account and comparison profile (accessed via Change profile), and under the tabs Statistics, Surveys (when applicable) and Diary (read mode).


4.2 Information about you that you cannot see is described in section 3. This primarily refers to information that you have not manually chosen to enter. You can request that we supply this information to you in a written format in the same way that you can request a correction of information as described below.


4.3 In case you cannot correct your own information, you have the right to request that we do it for you. A request for amendment should be in writing, and sent from the same email account that is registered to your account. That way we assume that it is you who is requesting the correction. In the cases when the account does not have a connection to an email address, requests for amendments must specify the pseudonym that has acted as a user-ID. Without this pseudonym, it is not possible to make any amendments. If you have a private agreement with us, you can add an email address in your profile. Note that if you choose an email address where your first and last name are present, you no longer have a pseudonymized identity.


4.4 You have the right to obtain the personal data that you have provided HealthWatch in a structured and machine-readable format, and you have the right to transfer this data to another data controller.


5. Deleting an account


5.1 You can delete the information that you have entered into the system.


5.2 Deleting individual information is considered and handled as a correction/amendment according to section 3.


5.3 You can delete your account under Change profile. If you do this, the account that identifies your information is marked as deleted. You can subsequently no longer log in. After a cooling-off period of three (3) months, the account is destroyed/anonymized permanently. This period is the time it takes for us to phase out backups of the link between you and your information. After this, your account cannot be recovered. If you regret your decision within the cooling-off period, you may send us an email using the email address that your account had on record. In the cases when the account does not have a connection to an email address, requests for amendments must specify the pseudonym that has acted as a user-ID. Without this pseudonym, it is not possible to perform the deletion.


5.4 Deletion of an account removes all information that is described in section 3.1 except what has been registered under Forms and Surveys as well as related demographic information. Deletion of your account means that your email address and/or alternate identifier is deleted and the account is thereby de-identified. Data will be stored in a de-identified way for the requisite period (see 3.6).


5.5 If you use HealthWatch as an employee in an organization that subscribes to the service, and the organization’s subscription ends, your access to the service ends and your personal information is erased. This does not apply if you have your own agreement with HealthWatch. Then you will keep all your entered data and can continue to use the service free of charge as a private person.


6. Informational security


6.1 All the information that you register and handle on HealthWatch is sent encrypted over the Internet so that no one should be able to intercept the information on the way between our servers and your computer, tablet or phone.


6.2 We are responsible for and make efforts to keep the servers that run the service secure from intrusion and information leaks.


6.3 You are responsible for that the computer, tablet or phone that you use is secure and does not leak information.


6.4 Since the EU does not automatically consider nations outside of the EU to be trusted from an informational security perspective, we hereby guarantee that our servers, and thus your information, will never physically leave the EU. Should you, however, decide to use the service outside of the EU we want to inform you that your information, on your accord, leaves the EU.


7. Responsibility for processing of information


7.1 Interactive Health Group AB, org.nr. 556712–3699, Rörstrandsgatan 36, 113 40 Stockholm is responsible for the handling of information, and thus personal data, within HealthWatch.


8. Complaints


8.1 Complaints regarding handling of personal data can be made at the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY). Their contact information is:


Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten, Box 8114, 104 20 Stockholm, Sweden.

imy@imy.se, +46 8-657 61 00


9. Consent to handling of personal data


9.1 When you register your account at healthwatch.se, and check the intended box, you consent to us processing your personal data for the purposes specified in this document describing Terms of use and Privacy policy.


10. Cookies


10.1 A cookie is a small text file containing information that is stored on your computer.


10.2 On the non-personal sections of the site (that is, sections that are accessed before you have logged in and after you have logged out; when we do not know who you are) we use a service from Google named Analytics to get statistics about usage of the site. Cookies constitute a part that enables Google Analytics to work. This service is not used on the personal sections of the site (sections that require you to login).


10.3 HealthWatch also uses its own temporary cookies as a part of the system’s functionality to keep track of who you are once you have logged in. These temporary cookies are removed from the computer, tablet or mobile device you use after leaving the session at HealthWatch.


11. Disclaimer


11.1 There is today no treatment that is guaranteed to help everyone. HealthWatch takes no responsibility for potential medical problems that may be cause of your problems. All participation is always voluntary and you participate at your own responsibility.


11.2 We recommend that medical issues always be thoroughly investigated by qualified healthcare professionals. Using HealthWatch is not a replacement for treatments or medication.


11.3 You should not discontinue or reduce use of a drug or medical device without first seeking the advice of your physician.


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